CEDRIC Centre is ‘a-Twitter’ with news ~ Birds of a feather Twitter together!

CEDRIC Centre is 'a-Twitter' with newsThe new Twitterphenomenon is upon us and this tiny little social utility has entered the discourse of our culture in a big way recently. When we turn our televisions on, it seems that every celebrity, everybody at all, has gotten on the Twitterwagon and is supporting it. So who are we to be left in the dust of an evolving cultural phenomenon?

CEDRIC Centre is ‘a-Twitter’ with News

Do youTwitter? If you do, add the CedricCentre and be alerted when new blog posts, and hot off the presses copies of our newsletter ‘Food is not the problem ~ Find out what is!’ hits the media waves. We promise to not clutter up your technology with useless bits of fluff, and would love it if you stayed in touch via this clever little means of communication. Have you twittered today? We have!

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