CEDRIC Centre Mindful Eating Info Package

CEDRIC Centre for Mindful Eating Info Package

The CEDRIC Centre’s specialized program helps people of all ages to lose or gain weight and to maintain a natural weight for their bodies, for life without diet and rigorous exercise regimes. We teach you how to establish a healthy relationship with food, yourself and others, how to deal with stress, anxiety and depression in ways that boost self-esteem and allow you to feel more secure as you focus less on what you eat and weigh.  See intro video for the CEDRIC Centre Mindful Eating Info Package. The CEDRIC team provides counselling in person in British Columbia, Canada, as well via skype and phone worldwide.  We offer 3-day Workshops, Hard Copy and Downloadable  Resources sold separately or accessed through our Online Program and incude: CD’s; DVD’s; Workbooks; Teleclasses, Lessons, Assignments, a book entiled, Food Is Not The Problem – Deal With What Is by CEDRIC Founder and Director Michelle Morand, MA, RCC and more! CEDRIC clients learn everything they need to know about why they struggle with food, what is really triggering the frustrating way they think and behave, and what they can do to achieve lasting change when it comes to food, their approach to relationships, self-esteem, and other areas of their life.  Examining the core reasons why we use any less than healthy coping strategies and learning how to deal with stress in a way that is healthy and empowering, not only solves the longstanding issue people have with food, but also addresses the underlying triggers to create true comfort and peace with all aspects of life.

We offer in-person counselling in British Columbia in the following cities: Vancouver, Sechelt, Victoria, Kelowna and Whistler.  All our counsellors have Master’s Degrees and sessions are $150.00 an hour.  If you are interested in having a Personalized Healing Plan created for you, contact Michelle for an assessment of your needs.  The plans often combine individual sessions, with a workshop and online program membership for extra support. If you live outside our area, we have achieved results equal to our in-person therapy using internet and phone counselling for over 10 years. The CEDRIC Centre Counselling Team Includes:                                                                   Genevra-Cavanaugh,-CEDRIC-Counsellor-for-Kelowna

  All 3-day Workshops cost $636.00 + tax and payment plans are available. These 3 different 21 hour events are very effective in providing the education and tools to achieve a healthy relationship with food and body image, and help heal many other issues in the process.  Participants learn how to deal with stressors in their life in ways that empower them to lose their rigid, ‘all or nothing’ thinking, uncover the underlying reason why they do what they do with food, address self-esteem issues, set boundaries/ask for what they need, develop healthy, mutually beneficial relationships and so much more.  They each cost $636.00 plus tax, and we offer payments plans.  Treat your yourself to an experience that will benefit you for the rest of your life as you learn the tools and knowledge to heal the core issues in your life allowing the balance and calm to grow and a whole new way to address life to blossom!   Please see the videos and read the written feedback on the workshops to find out how glad people are that they joined us.  

Our web based program is great at helping people want to have access to downloadable Resources 24/7, or for those who are less comfortable seeking help and prefer the privacy and comfort of home to heal or those who can’t access help in their area or those whose budget just doesn’t allow for individual counselling, With this program you benefit from an expert on how to achieve comfortable, natural eating as well as the opportunity to interact with other  members via our forum who might relate to your struggles with food and can lend support and understanding and their own insight.   The program includes daily emails to focus you, live conference calls to particpate in, or hear later, a wealth of downloadable resources, all delivered through our specialized Schoology site for just $44.00 a month.  The Components includes: All Resources are available both as hard copies* and downloads and are sold individually or as bundles.

Michelle’s book ‘Food Is Not The Problem – Deal With What Is’ has helped thousands, as readers uncover the many different dynamics involved with a stressful relationship with food and other less than healthy coping strategies. They learn knowledge and tools to bring about a sense of balance, calm and freedom from using food to cope!

“Michelle Morand provides you with a simple, step-by-step approach to create a lasting change in your relationship with food and all the relationships in your life. If you’re ready to truly start living, it’s time to start reading.”                                      -John Gray, Ph.D.,                                                                         author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

CEDRIC Centre Workbooks are really helpful tools on your road to recovery.  Choose from:  ‘Core Beleifs’, ‘Natural Eating‘ or the ’30 Day Core Tools’ Workbook (** price for online members reduced for core tools WB; the other 2 wb’s: free with program). Michelle Morand also shares many important lessons in her CD and DVD series:     Our Teleclasses are such a great feature of our Online Program that we held 3 special calls for non-members,  recorded them, and  made them available as downloads for anyone to hear.           Food-and-the-Holidays-Teleclass-to-help-avoid-overdoing-it Our Free Newsletter includes information and tools to help with recovery.  You can also access dozens of archived articles that deal with Relationships, Self-esteem, All or Nothing Thinking, Natural Eating, The Logic of Binging, Basic Needs, The Diet Mentality and more. We also offer free Podcasts, Videos, Blog and great inspiration on our Twitter and Facebook With all of these support options and resources you can trust that you will no longer use food or any other less-than-life-enhancing substance or behaviour to cope with life’s stresses and challenges.                                                        As always, our team is here to help you one way or another.  Just let us know how we can! For general inquiries: contact our Administrator Janice at info@cedriccentre.com or call our Victoria office at 250.383.0797  or toll free at 866.383.0797.   Mail to: 5488 Eureka Road, Halfmoon Bay, BC, V0N 1Y1. If you would like a free 15 minute assessment with Michelle, email mmorand@cedriccentre.com or call 778.990.4606 or just ask Janice to set it up. Remember, if you can’t come to us, for in person counselling, in Vancouver, Victoria, Sechelt or Kelowna we’ll come to you through skype or phone counselling sessions worldwide.


2013 ‘Master Series’ 3-day Weekend Workshop Schedule

Hours: All workshops run from Friday to Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. Cost: All workshops cost $636.00 + tax with payment plans available.

Vancouver Workshops with Michelle Morand, MA, RCC:

‘Master Your Brain – Master Your Behaviour’ Dates: Feb. 22nd to 24th May 17th to 19th; Aug. 9th to 11th; Oct. 18th to 20th ‘Mastering Balance: Creating Solid Self-Esteem and True Inner Peace’ Dates: March 15th to 17th; June 21st to 23rd; Nov. 15th to 17th ‘Mastering Relationships: The Relationship Equation’ – July 26th to 28th; Dec. 6th to 8th Venue for all Vancouver Workshops: Century Plaza Hotel,  1015 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3B6


Victoria Workshops with Dawn Cox, M.Ed., psych, RCC:

‘Master Your Brain – Master Your Behaviour’ Dates: March 8th to 10th, July 19th to 21st,  Nov. 8th to 10th ‘Mastering Balance: Creating Solid Self-Esteem and True Inner Peace’ Sept. 13th to 15th Venue: Common Room at 1246 Fairfield, Victoria, BC, V8V 3B5


Calgary Workshops with Michelle Morand, MA, RCC:

Master Your Brain – Master Your Behaviour Date: July 5th to 7th ‘Mastering Balance: Creating Solid Self-Esteem and True Inner Peace’– Date: July 12th to 14th Venue: MacEwan Conference Centre, U of Calgary, 2500 University Dr NW Calgary, T2N 1N4 There is a hotel at the University, if you would like to stay there as well.  

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