Calgary Workshop for Food & Weight Stress, 2013

Updated Schedule for 2013 Calgary Workshop for Food & Weight Stress:

Workshop for Food & Weight Stress Host: Michelle Morand, MA, RCC: Master Your Brain – Master Your Behaviour  Dates:July 5th to 7th ‘Mastering Balance: Creating Solid Self-Esteem and True Inner Peace’– Dates: July 12th to 14th Venue: MacEwan Conference Centre, U of Calgary, 2500 University Dr NW Calgary, T2N 1N4 There is a hotel at the University, if you would like to stay there as well. Michelle Morand, MA, RCC, Founder & Director of The CEDRIC Centre Counselling and author of the book ‘Food Is Not The Problem – Deal With What Is!’, brings 20 years experience in helping people attain a natural weight for their body without diets and extreme exercise regimes. Topic: Healthy Relationship with Food, One’s self and Others.  Self-Esteem, Relationships and Healthy ways to deal with stress are examined along with all aspects of why we use food or restricting to cope. Cost: $636.00 + tax, with payment plans available. Michelle teaches 3 simple tools that enable participants to simply eat when hungry, stop when full, and manage life in ways that only enhance self-esteem and lead to greater peace and happiness in all areas of life.  They learn everything they need to know about why they struggle with food, what is really triggering the frustrating way they think and behave, why they haven’t been successful in changing their behaviours, and, most importantly, what they can do to gain a new and healthy approach to food and the world around them.  The CEDRIC Method can also help immensely when applied to other less than healthy coping strategies, such as drugs, alcohol and other addictive behaviours.  Participants emerge from the weekend empowered on many levels! Check out our participant feedback for the ‘Master Your Brain’ Weekend Workshop or watch a video with more. (All events run from Friday to Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day.)             

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