Cedric Centre for Counselling Inc.

Amie Hough, MSW, RSW

Amie HoughAmie Hough is a Registered Social Worker and a member of the BC Association of Social Workers.   She holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of British Columbia, Okanagan.  Amie’s area of interest both professionally and academically have focused on gender and self-esteem, identity issues, and the mind-body connection.  Amie has worked as a patient and family counsellor in the health care field for the past seven years, and has worked as a women’s advocate and as a life and employment coach for individuals with developmental disabilities.  She also co-runs a non-profit group, Down Syndrome Family Connection, which provides outreach support, advocacy and recreation to children living with Down Syndrome, and their families. Most recently, Amie has sought specialised training in the area of disordered eating, specifically compulsive overeating, and has been trained in the CEDRIC Method. She combines CEDRIC’s therapeutic approach with her own personal and professional experience to help clients reach their goal of establishing a healthy and comfortable relationship with food and body image.  Amie is passionate about helping both women and men find peace with themselves, their struggles with emotional eating, and other food and body-image concerns.  Amie is available to see CEDRIC clients in the Kelowna area, as well as via Skype, and telephone with additional email support for out of area clientele. Amie’s therapeutic approach includes viewing her clients with a person-in-environment perspective, while utilising mindfulness-based, cognitive behavioural therapy to support her clients in building on their own strengths to resolve personal conflict and build effective coping strategies. ***Note: Amie is currently on maternity leave and will be taking clients in Spring/Summer 2012***