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How to Make a Sound, Life-enhancing Decision

Life-enhancing Decision

Step 1:

Notice when:

You’re eating when you’re not hungry;

You’re not allowing yourself to eat when you’ve noticed that you are hungry;

You’re feeling anxious;

You’re wanting to isolate or withdraw from a person or situation;

You’re feeling angry/resentful/frustrated/annoyed/impatient; and/or

You’re feeling listless, drained, depressed.


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Body Image and Natural Eating Q & A

Original Owner - D Sharon PruittQ

… I loathe looking in the mirror, gross out at changing my clothes. Can’t stand being around people. Hate even being touched!

My eating disorder looms, waiting to pounce at any given moment. I think I’m calm but then the moment I walk in the door (usually after work), I binge on whatever I see even though I’m not hungry!!!

I have been trying ‘natural eating’ and hate it. Instead of having an easy & calm relationship with food, I spiral into extremes. Without food ‘rules’ I rebelliously indulge in foods just to prove that I am free. I end up eating food that makes my PLA rise to a 10 on my stress scale. I know my diet mentality is controlling me and I guess I just don’t believe I will be ‘slim’ eating this way.

I am unmotivated and depressed. I feel trapped inside my room looking out on everyone living life normally but I just cannot join in. Too scary!

I am back to the beginning again and wonder if I’ve made any progress at all!

Sorry to be such a downer. This has taken everything in me just to express this much. But I am drowning and have nowhere else to express it. The people closest to me don’t ‘get it’ and just want the nice me. Can’t give it to them and I feel horrible.

I’m supposed to be together right? I’m a mom and a wife and have a respectable job and even teach Sunday school…. but I just want to scream swear words at everyone, especially my Drill Sergeant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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A Wee Challenge From Me to You

your relationship with eatingTime for you to do a little writing yourself:

This week I am taking a departure from my usual newsletter article and instead am posing a few questions for to you ponder about your relationship with eating.

If you would like to really take advantage of this opportunity, I suggest that each of you  take the 10-20 minutes or so that you would normally take to read one of my articles and instead jot down some notes about what automatically comes to mind when you reflect on the questions below.


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The Way We Were: The Influence of Our Ancestors on our Lives Today

Last week’s article: Stop Sleeping Through the Alarm generated an amazing amount of heartfelt sharing which touched me deeply. I think we all intuitively know that we’re meant to listen to our emotions rather than tune them out. But ironically, the whole reason that we struggle with our emotions and with food at all is that we’ve been forced, due to life circumstances and by the mentoring we received from key people in our lives, to tune our own intuition out and to ignore our own authentic and appropriate reactions to situations. We are forced into, or talk ourselves into, buying the opinions, needs and perspectives of our primary caregivers. Our survival depended on it at one point, at least our emotional survival did, and for many others their physical and sexual integrity did as well.


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