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Tweets on 2009-06-28


  • RT @sanjayguptaCNN try to not eat after 7p (or 4hrs before bed) those calories more likely to store as fat.–>Thank you for reminding us. #
  • July workshop free Q&A call June 30 http://tinyurl.com/n6mu9c – Michelle Morand on CFAX radio July 5 http://www.cfax1070.com/talkshows.php #
  • RT @DrJennifer May all of our life’s lessons and stories help change the world for the better.->>Yes, we’re all on this journey together #
  • Please join us on Facebook and become a fan: http://tinyurl.com/mkuhcy #
  • Three Days to Freedom. July 24-26 workshop in Victoria, BC. No-cost Q&A preview call June 30. http://bit.ly/Pon0j #
  • RT @DrJennifer Good morning out there in Twitterland! How is everyone this morning? –>Great thanks, looking forward to a busy day! #
  • RT @EatSmartBCRecall on organic salad greens in BC. http://bit.ly/N0QQG –>Thanks for letting us all know! #
  • There is still time to sign up for our free workshop Q&A call June 30. Learn about the workshop & the centre. http://www.cedriccentre.com/ #
  • RT @karenluniw LOA Tip-Money, relationships, regret, I’m writing on it at Huffington–>Congratulations on your post at the Post! #

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The Power of Thought

For thousands of years many cultures have held a belief in a very powerful philosophy, the gist of which is: we create our thoughts, and our thoughts create our life as we know itBecause our thoughts are our very own creation, we alone have the power to change them and therefore to change our entire experience of life as we know it.

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Tweets on 2009-06-21


  • July workshop no-cost Q&A telecall, Tuesday, June 30, 5-6pm Pacific. Details here: http://bit.ly/IbPXs #
  • Founder, Michelle Morand is getting ready to go on a wonderful vacation with her son. Still, it’ll be business as usual while she’s gone. 🙂 #
  • Ready to explore your relationship with food and why you use it as a coping strategy? Join our caring, growing support community. #
  • “The only journey is the journey within.” Rainer Maria Rilke #
  • Next newsletter issue comes out tomorrow. Lots of workshop info, early bird price and more. Sign up here: http://www.cedriccentre.com #
  • Is food controlling your life? There’s an easier way. Join our growing community at CEDRIC Centre. #
  • RT @DanaHutchings 7th-year MC-Victoria Walk to Cure Diabetes raised $111,000 to help kids with type 1/find a cure.–> We applaud you. #
  • Next time you reach for something to eat, ask yourself why – is it because you’re hungry or could it be due to stress? #
  • What tiny step can you take today to help yourself stop focusing on food? Visit us at http://www.cedriccentre.com. Info & answers are there. #
  • Gearing up for our summer workshop July 24-26. Info coming soon on a live pre-workshop Q&A call June 30. #

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Workshop Preview Q and A Telecall

We’re holding a Free Telecall Three Days to Freedom Workshop Q&A on Tuesday, June 30 at 5-6pm Pacific so you can have your questions about the workshop answered live by Michelle. We’ll be recording the call, so even if you can’t make it, you can still get all of the information like you were there. However, you must register to ensure you’ll get the recording. Sign up for the Weekend Workshop Q and A call. (more…)

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Three Days to Freedom!

Three Days to Freedom!
Transformative Weekend Workshop
July 24-26 in beautiful Victoria, BC

Details at a Glance

1.  Early Bird Price: $596.00 or 3 equal payments at $201.00 only until July 5! (regular price $636.00).

2.  Preview Q&A Telecall June 30 from 5-6pm Pacific (6-7 Mountain / 7-8pm Central / 8-9 Eastern).

3.  Draw to win a free follow-up counselling session with Michelle Morand (value $130!).

Freedom and peace of mind are on the way this July…

Been thinking of coming to one of our workshops but haven’t quite drummed up the courage yet and need a little nudge? Well, here’s your nudge!  There’s never been a better time than the present to explore your relationship with food.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been dealing with the stress of an eating disorder or that annoying diet mentality, you can find the answers you’re looking for. We promise. Really, the solution is close than you think.

Imagine This…

In just three days you can completely transform your approach to food and your life. Come and learn everything you need to know about why you struggle with food, why you haven’t been successful in getting a good, solid, long-lasting grip on the problem, and 3 simple tools that will change your life forever!

“Thank you for providing a secure and accepting environment for me to explore and identify some personal key issues – and for providing the tools to confidently move forward.” ~Christine

Sound too good to be true? The CEDRIC Centre workshops have an amazingly profound and transformative quality about them. People from all over the world have come to us and have dramatically accelerated their recovery as a result. We’ve seen it over and over again, and that’s how we know what we teach is working!

It is our greatest reward to see people move through changes and be released from the issues that have been keeping them stuck. We’d love to have you join us!

Ready to take the plunge? Register for or read more about the Weekend Workshops.

Three Days to Freedom!

Draw to Win a No-Cost Counselling Session

We’ll also be having a draw at the event, and one lucky participant will receive a free counselling session with Michelle Morand valued at $130!

Preview Call Details

We’re holding a NO-COST Preview Q&A telecall on Tuesday, June 30 at 5-6pm Pacific so you can have your questions about the workshop answered live by Michelle. We’ll be recording the call, so even if you can’t make it, you can still get all of the information like you were there. However, you must register to ensure you’ll get the recording. Sign up for the Weekend Workshop Q and A call.

Our workshops fill up fast. You don’t want to miss the chance to change your life in ways you can’t imagine: 3 special days with Michelle Morand and 3 special tools will put you back in control of your life and back on the path to the joy and happiness you deserve.

“I am so excited to use my new tools and you have given me so much insight!” ~Jocelyn

Register for or read more about the Weekend WorkshopsRemember, the Early Bird price is only in effect until July 5!

We would love to have you join us!

Have questions? Visit our FAQ page or call us Toll Free at 1-866-383-0797 or 250-383-0797.

The Complete Recovery Team

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Thoughts on Natural Eating

Many people hear the term Natural Eating and immediately assume it’s about eating whole grains and non-processed foods or has something to do with organics or locally grown produce, etc. Well, those are all great ideas and your body will love you for eating as unprocessed as possible, but….that’s not what we mean when we say “natural eating.”

Natural Eating, also more recently dubbed “Intuitive Eating,” refers to the simple process of eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full. As a natural eater you are conscious of your body’s signals of hunger, fullness, lightness, energy, or bloating, lethargy, fatigue and heaviness. These are your cues about what your body likes and needs vs. what it doesn’t. In a natural eating approach, you honor those cues and are drawn to choose foods that allow you to feel light, full, and energized after eating rather than heavy, bloated, and pooped out.

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Weekend Workshop Q and A – Thank You

Have a listen to the Question and Answer Telecall with Michelle Morand!

Weekend Workshop Q and A Michelle will be answering your questions about our workshops and generally sharing information about the CEDRIC Centre, our goals and how we can help free you from focusing on food.

Should you have any questions, please contact us by email janice@cedriccentre.com or visit, our contact page or call us toll free at 1-866-383-0797 or 250-383-0797.

Remember, the call is recorded.  Also go to our video page for the workshops to get a better idea of what to expect.


Michelle and The Complete Recovery Team


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Weekend Workshop Q and A

Weekend Workshop Q and A
Thinking about coming to our next workshop? Listen to our Weekend Workshop Q and A call and learn about the workshop format and hear from past participants about how much they enjoyed attending and what they learned that changed their lives for good!

We’ve held a FREE Question and Answer Telecall for you to check out.
Weekend Workshop Q and A

CEDRIC Centre founder, Michelle Morand answers callers questions about the workshop, the centre and how we can help you change the way you related to food, to your body and to others for good!

We’ve been doing this work for over 20 years and it all started from Michelle’s own binge eating disorder and her experience of recovery. That led Michelle to want to help others and to help them to have an easier time finding help and moving through the recovery process than she did over 20 years ago.

Anyone who has been able to work with Michelle through individual counselling, workshops or her web based program will tell you that she walks her talk and is a great role model and fount of information on the simple steps you need to take to stop your stressful and limiting thinking, stop feeling so anxious and stuck and stop using food and weight focus to cope with stress. 

If you’re ready to change the way you relate to food Michelle will teach you exactly what to do. You don’t need to figure it out – you just need to show up. 

You’ll immediately see how simple and intuitive a healthy and ‘normal’ relationships with food can be when you’re thinking clearly and have simple tools to help you build solid confidence and self-esteem in every area of your life.

You deserve to feel good about yourself – if you don’t believe that you really need this workshop series. And if you do believe it but can’t seem to act on it, this workshop series will teach you everything you need to know and give you the practical experience to put it into action once the workshop is over.

It’s no good getting great tools and then not using them. These tools are so simple and the education you receive at these workshops is so solid and clear, you will naturally reach for these tools and soon they will become second nature and your old stressful approach to food will be a thing of the past.

Come and join our workshop series – it’ll be the greatest gift you ever gave yourself.


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A Natural Eating Reminder: The Process of Change ~ in 4 basic stages

A Natural Eating Reminder

Those of you who have worked with the CEDRIC Core Beliefs booklet are probably familiar with these stages, but seeing as how June is ‘Natural Eating’ month, we thought that you might enjoy a quick reminder to help you grab the nutshell of where you are in your process, right in this moment, taken from our Natural Eating booklet. (more…)

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How to Stop Using Food to Cope

I’m glad you’re here at The CEDRIC Centre Website. The link below will lead you to an hour long conference call where I answered questions for a caller about how to stop using food to cope; particularly, how to stop eating so much between meals so that she could actually be hungry for and enjoy meals.


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