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Weekend Workshops – Phase I – Newsletter Discount

Weekend Workshops - Phase 1

– Do you often eat more than you’re hungry for?– Do you feel controlled by food?- Do you avoid certain places, people, and events because of how you feel about your body?

– Are you ready to be done with all that?

Here’s what you can expect from your CEDRIC Weekend Workshop:

Right from the moment you arrive, you’ll quickly discover why you feel so controlled by food and how easily you can move beyond the sense of powerlessness that has kept you stuck for so long. Imagine never seeing yourself as lazy or lacking willpower ever again.

Next we teach you 3 simple, yet life-altering tools that completely remove the need to rely on food as the answer to the stress in your life. The key to your success is practice, practice, practice! And that’s what we’ll be doing together – practicing our new freedom tools.

We will also take time to relax and unwind with a little gentle stretching/movement component. By the end of our time together, you’ll have comprehensive knowledge about the underlying issues that drive your coping behaviour, be fortified with essential tools for long-lasting success, and have a new and refreshing outlook on life.

Any questions? View the FAQs: Weekend Workshop area of our website

The peace of mind you’ll gain is literally priceless.

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I very much enjoyed the group. I came into this thinking that I might not get my needs met. After day one, I had my blindfold off and was much more aware of myself, emotions and the world around me. Thank you, Michelle, for your kindness, love and compassion that I felt ‘missing’ for so long.

Come to the CEDRIC Centre, and you’ll leave with the ability to free yourself from food and body image stress forever.

Yesssssss! Lasting change without dieting or focusing on food in any way! [Did I hear a big cheer go up?]

Seem too simple and easy?

The fact is our workshops have been successfully delivered for over 10 years by someone who really understands what you are dealing with. Yes, the CEDRIC Centre’s founder, Michelle Morand recovered from an eating disorder, has over 15 years professional counselling experience, and is a known expert in eating disorders and diet mentality. She has committed her life to helping others find freedom so they can concentrate on enjoying their lives without feeling compelled to use food to cope.

I really appreciate hearing from others in a group setting. I got far more than I expected out of the workshop re: self-discovery, real workable tools.

Thousands of men and women worldwide have benefited from Michelle’s simple and profound approach and you will, too.

Please join us for 3 amazing days of transformation, growth and camaraderie.

Freedom from focusing on food is just around the corner.

I love the peaceful, calming setting. I can’t wait to tell my friends and family about CEDRIC. This was life-changing for me.


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Helpful Tips for a Food-Stress Free Holiday Season

Are you eager to make it through the holidays without succumbing to the stresses of the season, without feeling restricted and without overeating and gaining weight?

If you’re a natural eater then the holidays are nothing special in terms of the abundance of food and the treats that are unique to this time of year.

If you’re someone who would define themselves as having to “watch their weight” or who has a stressful relationship with food, the holidays can be a particularly stressful time. Learning how to navigate stress without losing your grip on healthy eating is fundamental to enjoying the holidays fully and freely. The easiest way to make this your reality is to educate yourself on the ways that you might get tripped up in your use of food to cope this Christmas season and to have clear and effective strategies for turning yourself into a natural eater rather than a mindless eater.

Natural Eating means eating in response to the natural signals of hunger and fullness from our body and overall making choices that lead to a state of optimum health and wellness.

If you eat naturally you have no genuine cause for concern about gaining weight or being a weight that is higher than your natural body weight at any time of year. If you’re a natural eater you feel safe being around any kind of food in any quantity any time because you know that you will:

  • Eat when you’re hungry;
  • Stop when you’re full;
  • Make honoring choices the majority of the time (choices that enhance your health and overall wellbeing);
  • And make choices to have the processed and refined treats that abound at this time of year in moderation.

That’s the natural eater’s experience of the holidays’ they’re not big deal.

Now for those of us who struggle with food and weight issues, that feels like some sort of fantasy and certainly seems far removed from how we currently approach food.

Those of us who feel stressed about food and weight would say that the following criteria represent us more closely than those of the Natural Eater:

  • We feel controlled by food
  • We feel guilt and judgement from within for eating certain kinds of foods and certain quantities.
  • We feel compelled to restrict certain kinds of food (Whether we’re actually successful in that restriction or not, we certainly do try!).
  • We may count calories, points, grams of this and that, but whatever we use as the determining factor for what to eat and when to eat it is not whether we’re hungry and whether we’re full. Thus we often find that we come away from meals feeling unsatisfied either because we’ve overeaten or we’ve restricted.
  • Often our choices about what to eat are not at all coming from a place of what is the healthiest choice but what has the least fat/caloric/sugar content. This means that instead of having a small piece of something that is a relatively healthy choice (like good quality dark chocolate or a homemade piece of pie for example) we’ll have something that is filled with preservatives and chemicals that our body can’t digest because it’s got no fat or no calories. The irony of that circumstance being that it’s the chemical laden foods that often lead us to overeat because of the chemical reaction they trigger in our body and it is those foods that typically lead us to put on fat as our body works to protect itself from the toxins that are in those foods and in so doing, stores the harmful chemicals within protective fat cells which are then sent as far away from any key organs as possible. This is why there are more fat cells around our middle, our hips, thighs, buttocks and why those are the places we’re likely to add a few extra pounds – they’re the safest locations to store the toxins that we’ve just ingested in the name of weight loss and “health.”

The most important thing to keep in mind about food and the holidays is that if you’re eating and you’re not hungry there is always a valid reason for you doing so. It’s got nothing to do with you lacking willpower or being lazy or not caring enough about yourself.

To read more of this article and to register for our free question and answer conference call follow this link:

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Natural Eating Workbook

Natural Eating Workbook covers the basics of what sets us up to use food to cope and how your current thoughts, feelings and behaviours keep that pattern intact.  If you want to take a look at what drives your use of food to cope this workbook is an invaluable resource. {loadposition purchaseworkbook1}

Natural Eating Workbook


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Core Beliefs Workbook

Core Beliefs Workbook provides you with information and tools specific to your relationship with yourself and how your belief systems impact your use of food to cope. With the exercises in this workbook you will uncover, explore and begin to heal the old beliefs and life experiences that keep you stuck using food to cope. {loadposition purchaseworkbook2}

Core Beliefs Workbook


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