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Welcome to the Cedric Centre Blog

The Cedric Centre Blog as of January 15, 07 is officially up and running.  The blog will provide you with tools and sharing on healing your relationship with food.

Whether you overeat, restrict or purge the underlying triggers are the same and that is what we attend to in our work with our clients and on this blog: the underlying triggers.

Once you have understood and healed the underlying pieces that trigger you to use food to cope two things will happen:

1. You will naturally cease to choose to focus on food and body image in a harmful way.

2. Your life will become more peaceful and you will feel as though finally it is in your control.

We know this to be true because we’ve lived it ourselves and now enjoy complete and longstanding freedom from any negative food and body focus.  We also know this to be true because since The CEDRIC Centre opened in 1999 we have supported hundred’s of men and women throughout North America and Europe to experience the same freedom and true control in their lives as we do.

That is our purpose in being and our most fervent wish for you: Freedom from food and body focus.

You deserve a life that isn’t riddled with guilt, judgement and shame.  You deserve to experience success that lasts.

And that’s what we’re here for.

We trust you’ll enjoy reading The Cedric Centre Blog and perhpas even sharing a bit yourself.

Welcome to a new and lasting approach to food and body image.

From all of us at Cedric.

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