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Binge Eating and Eating Disorder Workshops Video Clips

Binge Eating and Eating Disorder Workshops – Video Clips

Hello! Below you’ll find some clips of video segments of binge eating and eating disorder workshops hosted by Michelle Morand of The CEDRIC Centre. These workshops teach you everything you need to know about why you struggle with trusting yourself around food and with your weight and body image. 

They teach you 3 simple, step-by-step tools that just make sense and that will transform the way you think, feel and behave more rapidly and easily that you ever thought possible.

Most people, by the time they come to my site and start exploring The CEDRIC Method, have tried countless diets and weight loss methods, perhaps even surgery or severe eating disorders requiring medical intervention or hospitalization. Chronic dieting and weight preoccupation is really just a symptom of a confused response to stress. Fix the confusion and your relationship with food will become relaxed, balanced and easy and your weight will naturally stabilize at a healthy, sexy, weight for your body. You’ll feel so confident and secure in yourself in your body and in your relationships and career that you just won’t feel the need or desire to use food to cope with stress or to preoccupy yourself with the number on the scale or what you had for lunch.

Right now you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of confused and reactive, insecure thinking that triggers anxiety and depression which in turn triggers you to focus on food and on your weight as a method of feeling better. In reality, as your life is showing you, focussing on food and weight as a way to decrease stress and increase self-esteem is doomed to fail because until you are able to trust yourself to respond reasonably and respectfully to life events and trust yourself to know when someone else is being reasonable or irrational, you will continue to feel anxious and to need your food coping strategy.  Whether you restrict or overeat or anywhere in between, the cause is the same and the solution is simple.

Let me show you have easy it can be to change forever the stress you feel about food, about your weight and body image, and about yourself in relation to others. The solution is simple, you just need someone to help you start thinking in a new way.  I can help.


Eating Disorder Weekend Workshops


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