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The Art of Healthy Relationships

True interdependence is the ability to be fully yourself in a relationship with someone else and allow them to do the same. Interdependence is the art of allowing someone to be there to support you without feeling “needy” or somehow “obligated” to them. In healthy relationships we are able to ask directly for what we need and our requests are respected and validated by ourselves and by others even if they can’t be met at that time or by that person: it’s safe to ask and it’s okay to hear the word “no”.


Because we maintain a strong sense of ourselves in interdependent relationships we don’t feel dependent on any one person for any of our needs and we don’t buy into the harmful co-dependent story that we are responsible for others needs or they for ours.

In essence, interdependence is the highest state of relationship humans can attain and its gift is freedom from the insecurity and constant second guessing of the standard co-dependent relationships that most of us know so well.

That’s all well and good you may be saying, but why do I need to be thinking about that now, I just want to stop using food to cope. Well, actually, if you were totally honest with yourself you’d have to admit that it is frequently your interactions with others that lead you to use food to cope. The relationships you have with key people in your life and even the ones you have with people you pass on the street have the power to impact you in a life enhancing and positive way or in a diminishing and harmful way. It is the diminishing encounters that we wish to, well, um, diminish! And to that end, Michelle Morand, Founder and Director of The CEDRIC Centre has created this 2½ hour Video.

Filled with educational insights and concrete and simple tools, this Video will support you to understand how your relationships came to be the way they are, what your role in their current state is and what you can do to change that in a way that demonstrates respect and dignity for all parties concerned. The best part? You not only get healthier relationships and a greater sense of peace and contentment within yourself; you also get to witness yourself using food to cope less and less every day until you ultimately just don’t use it at all.

That’s why Michelle Morand and the staff at The CEDRIC Centre want to teach you “The Art of Healthy Relationships.” It is a fundamental piece of your successful recovery from using food to cope and any of your other harmful coping strategies.

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The Art of Healthy Relationships


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