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Self-Love: How To

Life can be a paradise or it can be a prison. How you feel about yourself and what you believe about yourself are in essence the keys to your freedom and they are within your control and no one else’s. This is cause for celebration. Your freedom and pleasure in life is absolutely and entirely up to you.


How frustrating it is to hear that message and on some level even maybe be able to see the truth of it and yet not know what to do to live your life that way. If you knew how to create a paradise for yourself you’d be doing it! Or would you? What if you believed that you didn’t deserve it? What if you believed that you needed other people’s approval or support before you could take action on what felt right to you? What if you believed that you didn’t know what you wanted or needed or even who you really were? What if those beliefs were so deeply ingrained that you can’t even imagine that they aren’t true? What if allowing for the possibility that they might not be fact actually feels like total fantasy or even heresy.

To borrow a quote (loosely) from Einstein: As long as you continue to try to create your new life with the same mindset that you used to create the old one – you’re only going to get a different version of the same old thing! That’s why those diets and fitness programs didn’t work for any length of time (and, according to statistics, only work for 2% of the population). Nothing had really changed because you’d only changed the outside, not the inside.

You still had the same mindset, the same beliefs about yourself and about food and about your rights and deservedness in the world and in relationship with others. So, it’s not that you can’t change or that you can’t be successful in having a new relationship with food and with your body, it’s that you’ve been trying to effect change from the outside in and it just doesn’t work that way. You are a living testament to that fact.

To solidify your new relationship with food you’ve got to expand your perspective of the world and, most significantly, of your place in it. This Video has been created by CEDRIC Centre Founder and Director, Michelle Morand for just that purpose: to give you a key piece of the puzzle to forever change your relationship with food and your body from the inside out.

Self-Love: How To

Contains over 2 ½ hours of education and tools plus over ½ hour of questions and answers from men and women in various stages of the recovery process.

Any behavioural change you make in your relationship with food will only be as strong and secure as your relationship with your Self. Therefore, every ounce of effort you put into healing your inner relationship – the one you have with yourself – will pay you back tenfold with a more peaceful and balanced relationship with food and with others.

Self-Love: How To

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