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Food is Not the Problem: Find out What Is!

This 2 ½ hour VIDEO begins with an exploration of the underlying reasons that you use food to cope. It then provides you with specific education on how to change your relationship with food and how to heal the underlying trigger. Whether you overeat, restrict or purge, those patterns all come from some underlying trigger and until you discover what triggers you to use food to cope you will continue to repeat those same old patterns whenever you feel anxious or overwhelmed or even happy!


You can stop using food to cope and you don’t have to restrict or obsess about food to do it. You can come to a place where food is just food: You eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full and that’s that. No muss no fuss. No extra energy and stress – you’re hungry, you eat: you’re full, you stop. That’s a natural relationship with food and anything else is about using food to cope. Plain and simple.

**The goal of this VIDEO is to not only make it clear why you as an individual use food to cope but to provide you with enough information and support so that you can, from the safety and comfort of your home, create profound and lasting change in your relationship with food.



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Food is Not the Problem


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