Cedric Centre for Counselling Inc.

Workbook Feedback

“Hi Michelle,

Thanks very much for your workbooks!

Your workbooks will be very useful I feel. You have laid important points out in a clear and concise manner and given actual tools to use.

As I mentioned, I’ve done a lot of work, reflecting and reading over the last ten years including attending Overeaters Anonymous for a year which was enormously helpful to the person I was at the time and helped me begin my journey. I stopped attending because I felt that I didn’t want to rely on having to attend meetings for life. I wanted to be able to rely on my own strength and trust in my ability to cope with life. I did this successfully (I thought) for five years and was able to maintain a suitable weight and no longer binged.

I do not binge now but I certainly have used food as a coping mechanism and this makes it hard to maintain a suitable comfortable weight combined with age related changes (I am 50). Your term PLA really resonates…as do many other phrases in the book and workbooks.
In my case it is now a matter of choosing to do the necessary work by writing things down rather than keeping it all jumbled up in my head at my own pace and to be kind to myself.

I’ve identified that I need to do more work on self-esteem (I’m good at faking it), being true to myself, identify my feelings and sit with them, fine tuning everything… your books are helping me do that.

I especially liked the example in the Natural Eating workbook where you identified your stressors at the time and then worked through them and came to solutions step by step.

I may want to get the CDS as well because hearing a voice helps one remember.

I went to your website and checked out your articles, etc. and liked what I read. My thinking was “I know a lot about compulsive eating but there just might be something there that I’ve missed and can really help me.

Keep up the great work Michelle. I don’t think there is any material just like yours out there.

I will certainly recommend your materials, centre and site to others should it be appropriate.”

– Natalie