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Welcome! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for  world class tools and Self Help for Self-Confidence, Healthy Relationships, Overcoming Eating Disorders and Addiction Recovery.

These self-help products and packages will help you stop feeling stuck and frustrated and teach you how to feel confident and secure in yourself, anytime, anywhere.


Food Is NOT The Problem:
Deal With What Is

“Michelle Morand provides you with a simple, step-by-step approach to create a lasting change in your relationship with food and all the relationships in your life. If you’re ready to truly start living, it’s time to start reading.”

– John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“In this unique and profound book on attaining a healthy relationship with food, Michelle Morand explores not what or how much we are eating, but rather why we eat as we do. Instead of the diet mentality, she teaches simple steps to self-compassion and to releasing the stress patterns imprinted in childhood. Rather than focusing on the surface symptoms of eating and body weight, Morand promotes transformation at the core. Food Is Not The Problem has the potential of changing many lives.”

– Gabor Maté  M.D. Author of‘In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction’


The CD covers all the basics of why you use food to cope and what you can do to bring greater awareness and choice to your underlying triggers. If you are ready to challenge your existing patterns around food and begin to have a free and easy relationship with food this is the place to begin.

“I just want you to know that you have helped me more than my words could ever say. 

The day I went online and looked up overeating or something like that online…I will forever be grateful that Cedric Centre popped up and that you are the person behind it all.  I think of you so often. 

I know we don’t ‘know’ each other but with a sincere heart, a thankful mind, a grateful partner (that has the woman back in his life he knew was there), kids that are just sooooooooooo happy ’cause well you know the reason….. THANK YOU just isn’t enough.”

– Anon


This 2 ½ hour video explores the underlying reasons that people use food to cope. It discusses how to change your relationship with foodand heal the underlying triggers once and for all.

Thank you for once again connecting the dots for me and reminding me in an interactive way how to use the tools I have. I am much more peaceful and confident in my whole life. I appreciate your wisdom, knowledge and kindness. Wishing you blessings of love and peace.

– Jan


Bundled Products for Eating Disorder Treatment

The CEDRIC Centre is pleased to offer you two key resources in the form of our Natural Eating and Core Beliefs workbooks.The workbooks include many exercises and opportunities to fully explore your relationship with food and with yourself. 

Consciousness is key in changing any unwanted behavioural pattern. The more you understand why you personally use food to cope and what you can do to change it, the more you will be in a position to effect real and lasting change when you notice yourself wanting to use food to cope in your day to day existence. 

These workbooks are geared towards creating greater awareness within you while at the same time giving you clear and concrete tools to change the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that keep you stuck using food to cope.

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Purchase the videos, the workbooks, the CDs in a bundle and save!

“Your workbooks will be very useful I feel. You have laid important points out in a clear and concise manner and given actual tools to use.”

– Natalie