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Online Program Testimonials

Read what others have told us about their experiences with our online program:

“It’s only been one day on the online program but already I am feeling so supported. The program is well set up and laid out and it looks like there is lots to be done! I am eager to get started. I also appreciate you offering it at such an affordable price, this makes healing possible for so many more! Thanks so much Michelle!”
“I really appreciate that you can work on this program discretely on a computer, instead of worrying about who may see you with your nose in the brightly coloured orange book.”
“This is so good, and there are more good times in my future, sweet. I know that life is what it is and there will be down times and that’s cool too – I can take it, because now I’ve got tools!”
“It’s the easiest work I’ve ever had to do.”
“The daily centering exercises really do keep me on track with my new tools. Even when I don’t have the time or energy to do anything in the program, these brief quotes remind me of key points and I feel supported and my day just goes better!”

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“I just want you to know that you have helped me more than my words could ever say.  The day I went online and looked up overeating or something like that… I will forever be grateful that Cedric Centre popped up and that you are the person behind it all.  I think of you so often.  I know we don’t ‘know’ each other but with a sincere heart, a thankful mind, a grateful partner (that has the woman back in his life he knew was there), kids that are just sooooooooooo happy ’cause well you know the reason… THANK YOU just isn’t enough.”
“This course is a blessing. Thank you for holding healing space for me / us / others.  It is much appreciated.”
“I am so happy!  I feel like the person I knew existed inside is finally out!”
“Wow!! I can’t even remember the last time I even thought about using food to cope.”
“O.K. so I just started the course and I was reading the stuff about the Drill Seargant (inner critic) and I didn’t actually walk though the entire process.  I kept saying “Yah, Yah that makes sense” and putting off putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).  So then when I started lesson 3 it said to do it before I go any further.  So I did it and WOW that was powerful!!! Really, really powerful.”
“A concept from your book that filled me with great hope was that of Natural Eating. I know a few people who eat this way. I have always felt jealous of their “innate ability” to have such a free and easy relationship with food. I thought people were either “born” with the power, or not. I was relieved to discover that I could consciously change my relationship with food by learning new skills and dealing with demons. The ultimate goal is indeed a more peaceful existence around food and exercise. That is what I am creating for myself. Thank you.
When this Online Program was first launched, I procrastinated against joining, and felt hesitant to enter into something that I felt would lock me down – I am a perfectionist, and hate starting something I can’t master. I did not fully engage in this program until I moved out of the country. Now that I am far away from family and friends, and starting new relationships, I realize how helpful the online program can be.”
“There isn’t a day that goes by that you and your wonderful centre don’t enter my mind! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
“I really like the teleclasses. It is so nice to hear your voice”
“I love that we start each class with the 4-7-8, it is so relaxing and creates such a great atmosphere. I don’t feel nervous or afraid to share at all!”
“I love how much I learn through others experiences.”
“I get so much out of hearing the other member’s sharing and from talking about our experiences.”
“I really appreciate how the calls are recorded so I can listen to them again and again. So much gets shared in the hour and the recordings allow me to just relax and take part knowing that I can download the calls and listen and take notes any time I want, if I want!”
“Thank you for all the brilliant and effective tools you provide in the online program.  You are truly saving my life.”
“There truly are so many resources and so much great material in this program, there is no way I can’t be successful! Thank you!”
“I have been searching for the key that would help me “get it” and voila you presented it.  I was astounded at how simple the answer was.  I’m just getting started with this process but I have already felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders and this past week I have been absolutely amazed at the difference in my outlook and interaction with food.”
“I really like receiving these as they are short and a good reminder of the tools.”
“These emails alone are worth the price of the course and then some!”
“You are a wonderful writer, very clear, very knowledgeable about this issue.  Interestingly the title of the book makes one start thinking right away, if food is not the problem, then what is?  Excellent book.  Thank you.”
“I felt compelled to send you an email to express how immensely grateful I am for your book, Food is Not The Problem, Deal With What Is. As I read, I could relate to your personal story and I was struck with bitter-sweet experiences of intense personal sadness and relief. I felt as though I was reading about my own life–about me, and my tears flowed. Your book is really hitting home. I am ready to change and to live free! THANK YOU, Michelle.”
“I listened to your natural eating CD today and it is so helpful and encouraging.  I like the more human touch to it with your voice to listen to.  I had a few “ahah” moments and can see where I get stuck. Very insightful.  Thank you.”
“The cd’s are amazing! It is so easy to understand where I’ve been going wrong and how to relate to food in a peaceful way. The peace I’ve gained from just listening to these cd’s is worth the entire program fee in and of itself. What a great resource!”
“This course is so versatile: you really can do as little or as much as you want. If you need to stop in the middle of an exercise, there is no consequence. You can read, watch a dvd, or be hands-on and work on ‘assignments’.”
“I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to stop stressing about food once and for all!”
“Your sensitivity and insight not only made me feel important and valued but also understood and un-judged.” (One member’s feedback to another through sharing on the member’s forum.)
“Michelle, your experiential knowledge together with your education, has led to the creation of a very inspiring and empowering course. The same is true of your written material.  There is really something wonderful to witness when someone who has succeeded in living their life more incredibly, more abundantly, more anything good…then turns around to those who are still wanting to do that too, but who are uncertain how….and makes the choice to help them….so beautiful to see.  What a loving and giving soul you are!!!  Highest good for all concerned….providing and bringing the means for others to be able to discover for themselves, the peace and joy that you have found along the way.  Hugs to you!!!”

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