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Hi Michelle!  

Thanks again for an amazing weekend!

Taking the Phase 3 workshop for the second time was a great experience for me. I had new realizations and learned new things, being further along in my recovery process.

Michelle is such a great facilitator always making space for everyone to be heard in a respectful way. I can’t imagine a safer setting to work on such delicate and intimate issues. She assists in such a way that, whether you’re working through your own process or listening to others work through theirs, it’s an invaluable learning experience.

Having the support and understanding of a group of people contending with such similar obstacles, has been revolutionary for me. It was amazing to find that I was not alone with an issue I had accepted as a lifelong struggle and that there was a healthy solution for me.

Not only has this process helped me in healing from use of food to cope, it has made all aspects of my life better.

I would recommend a workshop with Michelle to any human being on this planet! Thank you Michelle!”

– Rosa

Hey Michelle, 

Just got back from a dinner with my friend and her partner and while riding back home, I reflected that it was simply a lovely evening.

This feeling of peace after social situations is a new one for me, and one that I’ve noticed on more and more occasions since the 2nd workshop and hopefully will continue to do so following this 3rd workshop.

I have no feelings of total inauthenticity, awkwardness, and anxiety that at one point would have me dive into food and coping into oblivion as soon as I walked through my door.

I feel like I’m beginning to trust myself in identifying what I’m feeling and what I need, and slowly see the potential for myself to be able to communicate that (though, yes, this is still in progress to be sure).

– Anon

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Joy it is. Simple joy.

All this to say that the workshop was awesome and insightful. I’ve coined this whole process “instigating insight” and this workshop has been foundational in learning the foundations of what it means to have a healthy relationship with others (and self too, which is inherent in that).

The tips and tools are immensely helpful, as are your reminders that really, it all comes down to the questions “how am I feeling right now?” and “if it’s anything but peaceful, what do I need to do to feel at peace with what’s going on?”.

It’s simple and straightforward and is effective no matter what stage in discovery I/we are in. And experiential, which I love. It’s all comes down to what I/we are experiencing and learning how to deal helpfully with that. I feel like Cedric has really opened my eyes to the richness of my experience in the world and with others.

I’m really looking forward to applying and becoming more and more comfortable with these skills down the road.”

– Anon

In addition, the group dynamics was a great asset as well. You do a masterful job in leading the workshops but also bringing out the value of the group process. Thanks for your most excellent facilitation.

Please feel free to post whatever you see fit, I’m obviously a big fan of Cedric.

Thanks again for your inspiration and help in assisting others find insight and hope.  Many cheers.”

– Kristy

Dear Michelle, 

I’m really excited to get home and use these new tools! I feel such a sense of hope, well-being and peace. Thank you again, and again, times infinity!”

– Amy

Dear Michelle, 

I am so glad that I came to this workshop. It feels really good to get another hit of this new way of thinking and looking at life. It makes so much sense to me.

The group setting is a great environment to learn and it’s great to hear other’s experiences and watch as they work through a tool with you. The workshops leave me feeling very hopeful with the future.

– L.S.


This has been another awesome workshop. Your clarity is, as always, amazing and I so appreciate your ability to gently dig down to what really matters.

Each of us got our own personalized attention several times during the 3 days which I really appreciated. I’m coming away with a feeling of renewal and possibility and security that the future will be amazing!

Thank you.”

– Anon

Dear Michelle, 

Thank you for the workshop this past weekend. I feel that I got some useful insights and more tools to help in navigating my relationships. Of particular use to me was the 3 to 5 times rule and the review of clarifying my values. 

I really appreciated your leadership of the group and the care and sensitivity you showed to each individual.  It is refreshing to see counselling techniques applied in such a seemingly effortless way.  Thank you again.

– A.S.

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