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Find out What Our Clients Are Saying About How The CEDRIC Method Helped Them Build Solid Self-Confidence and Healthy Relationshps and to Stop Emotional Eating, Binging , Eating Disorders and Addictions

My clients and I are reading the book slowly as there is so much to process. This is a good thing.
The thing I like about your writing is that it is a dialogue and not just and intellectual analysis and therefore it provokes reactions within one at an emotional and unconscious level. I admire your writing very much.
I do have more to say about all of this soon but just at the moment I am very busy but did want to respond with this quick note.
Dr Verna Hunt BSc DC ND
I just finished reading your fascinating book: Food is not the Problem: Deal With What Is! For the past few weeks, I carried it with me in my bag so I could read it every chance I got.
Your written work allowed me to see my behaviours with new eyes. So many of the concepts touched a cord in me. I had tears when I read the description of one of your previous typical workday cycles…
I love the book and have recommended it to several people. A close friend of mine even flew to Vancouver to take part in one of your workshops a couple of months ago…Randi
I’ve only gotten half way through this book but find it very helpful in understanding my food addictions and why I eat when I do. Highly recommend if you’re serious about learning and hopefully ending your food addiction. Good luck!!L. Fletcher’
In a world where changing my habits and thoughts about myself seemed impossible, I found this book by chance. Using its program and working with a therapist has put me on the road to dealing with, and eventually being free from, my eating disorder.
The book is full of insights and ideas and workable solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems like unhealthy diet skills and trying everything form fad diets to bypass surgery. That the author reveals her own struggles with an eating disorder…
Valerie Brown
I would recommend Michelle Morand for any future work that she does in relation to disordered eating. She is a woman of strength and determination.Holly Schofield Nurse Educator Camosun College
Thank you so much for the presentation you provided to the UVic community. It was absolutely fantastic to say the least.

Your open demeanor, willingness to answer any question, and your passion for what you do really resonated with the students, and I think you impacted a lot of students in a really important way. Although you may have felt a lot of psychology students were “savvy”, to use your wording, with a lot of the ideas you presented, I wanted to assure you that you offered a lot of…John UniversityVictoria Psychology Department

Just a note to say thanks very much for the information and resources you shared with us last week. It was interesting and helpful to hear about your background and the Cedric Centre services….for my personal, family and professional purposes. My sense is you’ll have slayed many dragons along the way with your collaborative, creative and client focused approach!Jane Tosney KCC Renal Dietitian
I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last Tuesday. I found the information that you shared interesting and useful. I also appreciated your respectful and engaging facilitation style and the balance between interaction and information sharing.Tricia
Your workbooks will be very useful I feel. You have laid important points out in a clear and concise manner and given actual tools to use.Natalie
Keep up the great work Michelle. I don’t think there is any material just like yours out there.
I will certainly recommend your materials, centre and site to others should it be appropriate.
I really appreciate that you can work on this program discretely on a computer, instead of worrying about who may see you with your nose in the brightly coloured orange book
It’s only been one day on the online program but already I am feeling so supported. The program is well set up and layed out and it looks like there is lots to be done! I am eager to get started. I also appreciate you offering it at such an affordable price, this makes healing possible for so many more! Thanks so much Michelle
I love that we start each (tele) class with the 4-7-8, it is so relaxing and creates such a great atmosphere. I don’t feel nervous or afraid to share at all!
I really appreciate how the calls are recorded so I can listen to them again and again. So much gets shared in the hour and the recordings allow me to just relax and take part knowing that I can download the calls and listen and take notes any time I want, if I want!
The daily centering exercises really do keep me on track with my new tools. Even when I don’t have the time or energy to do anything in the program, these quotes/exercises remind me of key points and I feel supported and my day just goes better!”
O.K. so I just started the course and I was reading the stuff about the Drill Seargant (inner critic) and I didn’t actually walk though the entire process. I kept saying “Yah, Yah that makes sense” and putting off putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). So then when I started lesson 3 it said to do it before I go any further. So I did it and WOW that was powerful!!! Really, really powerful
This course is so versatile: you really can do as little or as much as you want. If you need to stop in the middle of something, there is no consequence. You can read, watch a dvd, or be hands-on and work on ‘assignments’
I am so happy! I feel like the person I knew existed inside is finally out!
I just want you to know that you have helped me more than my words could ever say. The day I went online and looked up overeating or something like that online … I will forever be grateful that Cedric Centre popped up and that you are the person behind it all. I think of you so often. I know we don’t ‘know’ each other but with a sincere heart, a thankful mind, a grateful partner (that has the woman back in his life he knew was there), kids that are just sooooooooooo happy ’cause well you…
I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to stop stressing about food once and for all!”
When this Online Program was first launched, I procrastinated against joining, and felt hesitant to enter into something that I felt would lock me down – I am a perfectionist, and hate starting something I can’t master. I did not fully engage in this program until I moved out of the country. Now that I am far away from family and friends, and starting new relationships, I realize how helpful the online program can be.
Your sensitivity and insight not only made me feel important and valued but also understood and unjudged.
This course is a blessing. Thank you for holding healing space for me / us / others. It is much appreciated
The workshop was amazing and you are a truly wonderful and knowledgeable woman.

I am so excited to use my new tools and you have given me so much insight! Change is a scary road for me but you have taught me that it can be gradual and a huge learning experience. Every bit of effort counts, right?

I think you should definitely give yourself a pat on the back, and treat yourself to spa days very frequently. I feel honoured and blessed to have you as a supportJocelyn

Looking for solid self-confidence and happy healthy relationships? Would you like to experience complete and lasting relief from the stress of emotional eating, binge eating, eating disorders and / or addictions? We can help you step free for good!

The CEDRIC Centre offers individual counselling, online interactive programs, live training events and a series of books/workbooks/dvd’s and more to help anyone who struggles with emotional eating, binge eating, or eating disorders to find complete relief and true peace and confidence around any food, any time and feel truly in control of their weight for good without diets, rigorous exercise regimes, surgeries or ongoing treatment.

A few short months of support and you can experience complete and lasting freedom from food and body stress in your life.

In just minutes a day, from your own home, you can create true peace and confidence with food, with your weight and with every other area of your life. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

It’s what you can expect from The CEDRIC Method program and from our tools, resources and qualified Master’s level counsellors.

For 20 years we’ve been providing our clients with a powerful blend of education and counselling that has allowed them to immediately ‘get it’ and truly understand what has been leading them to struggle with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, alcoholism, co-dependent relationships or unsatisfying careers.

In fact, within the first few sessions or the first few hours working with our treatment center for eating disorders, many clients will express with a mix of amazement and frustration: “That’s so obvious! You mean it’s that simple? Why didn’t anyone tell me this before!!?”

And once you understand why you’ve been stuck and doing what you’ve been doing, we teach you a simple, step-by-step approach that quickly lifts the fog of depression, the chronic anxiety and stress around food and creates confidence and peace in each area of your life.

Regardless of what you’ve tried in the past, if you’re still struggling with food or other frustrating and undermining feelings or behaviours, we know that it has nothing to do with your ability to learn or your desire to change and grow. You simply haven’t tried The CEDRIC Method.

If you would like to learn how to feel solid self-confidence in every area of your life, have happy healthy relationships, and stop binging, eating disorders, struggling with weight loss or any form of addiction, once and for all and truly feel peaceful in your life, and comfortable in your own skin, let us teach you a simple way of thinking and approaching food, relationships, career, and the world at large that generates increasing confidence and self-esteem, happiness in all areas of your life. You deserve it and it’s so much easier than you can imagine.