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Michelle Morand provides you with a simple, step-by-step approach to create a lasting change in your relationship with food and all the relationships in your life. If you’re ready to truly start living, it’s time to start reading.-John Gray, Ph.D., author, Men Are from MarsWomen Are from Venus
I appreciate the profession you are in, and just how much you give in helping us all reach our happy place. You amaze me how you never seem to miss a beat, your always so calm, caring, and understanding. I never feel like I am being judged in any way shape or form, and your sense of humor along the way makes me laugh frequently at you and myself! I am often hit upside the head with gratitude that I found you. You have brought so much peace and happiness to my life and for the people in it (my…Nicole
I really appreciate all the time and effort that is put into those letters and many a time I’ve found the topics so timely and incredibly supportive.
Thank you for the workshop this past weekend. I feel that I got some useful insights and more tools to help in navigating my relationships. Of particular use to me was the 3 to 5 times rule and the review of clarifying my values. I really appreciated your leadership of the group and the care and sensitivity you showed to each individual. It is refreshing to see counselling techniques applied in such a seemingly effortless way.
This has been another awesome workshop. Your clarity is, as always, amazing and I so appreciate your ability to gently dig down to what really matters. Each of us got our own personalized attention several times during the 3 days which I really appreciated. I’m coming away with a feeling of renewal and possibility and security that the future will be amazing!
I’m really excited to get home and use these new tools! I feel such a sense of hope, well-being and peace1 Thank you again, and again, times infinity!Amy
All this to say that the workshop was awesome and insightful. I’ve coined this whole process “instigating insight” and this workshop has been foundational in learning the foundations of what it means to have a healthy relationship with others (and self too, which is inherent in that). The tips and tools are immensely helpful, as are your reminders that really, it all comes down to the questions “how am I feeling right now?” and “if it’s anything but peaceful, what do I need to do to feel at…
Just got back from a dinner with my friend and her partner and while riding back home, I reflected that it was simply a lovely evening. This feeling of peace after social situations is a new one for me, and one that I’ve noticed on more and more occasions since the 2nd workshop and hopefully will continue to do so following this 3rd workshop. I have no feelings of total inauthenticity, awkwardness, and anxiety that at one point would have me dive into food and coping into oblivion as soon as I…
Taking the phase 3 workshop for the second time was a great experience for me. I had new realizations and learned new things, being further along in my recovery process. Michelle is such a great facilitator always making space for everyone to be heard in a respectful way. I can’t imagine a safer setting to work on such delicate and intimate issues. She assists in such a way that, whether you’re working through your own process or listening to others work through theirs, it’s an invaluable…Rosa Erck
Thank you for making this opportunity available. Coming together with other people that use food to cope is not only comforting but motivating. You provided a platform where others like me could learn in party, by sharing our stories, experiences and challenges. This past weekend has not only given me further insight into myself as a person but has also left me feeling very inspired to be (as I am learning) the individual, wife, mom and friend I want and can be. I look forward to continuing…Lisa
Thank you! I’m really glad I came.

This session really served to strengthen my tools and practices to a more comfortable level.

I feel I have a better grasp on what this program offers and how it will help me, which is great because that’s exactly what I wanted to happen from this weekend.

I look forward to Phase III!

I found Phase II very helpful. It fit really well after Phase I. I can really see now the progression. I got more out of it than I expected and I really feel as if I’ve taken a big step forward in just a little time.

It was definitely worth following up with this after Phase I and I would highly recommend it! Thank you for everything.Alisha

I wanted to express how pleased I was to spend time doing Phase 2 because it was great to learn new tools, go deeper, and to find new ways I can progress in my healing.

It was also wonderful to really feel how far I have come – I mean, I knew I was happier but to actually talk about the process of going from the unmet needs to the behaviour I was able to see how often I actually easily and effortlessly attend to my needs or catch myself in the cycle earlier on.

I was also truly in awe…Nadine

I am happy!

This weekend has come as a great reaffirmation of the things that we learned in Phase I, while building on the finer points of strategies to help me improve my relationship with myself and others.

I feel empowered and hopeful to put this into practice in my daily life as I’ve already felt the impact of the lessons and insights this weekend!

I am excited for Phase III!!Kristy

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for facilitating such a transformative weekend. I learned so much from you and feel so empowered by the skills you taught. Recovery is in my grasp and I am so excited to continue to grow! Thanks again. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!Michelle
Thank you again for the workshop last weekend. Since then I feel so much more in control and I had No binge for a week now  I seem to do well with the Drill Sgt. dialogue and the breathing exercise, I just hope I am not avoiding the list of stressors, but so far, I did not feel the need to use it. You are welcome to give me feedback or if you think, there is some avoidance going on.

I am amazed how little food (for me this is) I eat since being more at ease with food and I do not freak…Micheala

Thoughts on the weekend: There are so many reasons I thought this weekend was amazing.
First, it was so nice to be in a room full of people who completely understand my issues. I often feel that having an eating disorder makes me feel very lonely, as few (if any) key people in my life truly understand what I’m going through. To be around others who are in the same boat as me was so comforting, and I found myself more trusting with them after a few hours than with some people I’ve known for…
Thanks so much, for the great handouts! I want to make a few copies and keep them in a few places as I will need their guidance. So far so good. It is a bit freaky to see how little food I actually need to be satisfied. I am very glad I came to the workshop, everything covered made a lot of sense to me and I did not think it could be so straightforward. I feel a sense of relief and hope. Keep up your good work.Karen
This weekend was absolutely amazing. I finally have some real, solid hope that I can and will get through this crap (the past 15 years of my life….or my whole life I guess…)

I can finally quiet my mind and really turn off those negative thoughts. I’ve learned so much. There was so much I didn’t know I didn’t know!

I am so glad I came and look forward to more time together. Also looking forward to saying “I’m healthy, no laxatives, no binging, no purging, no restricting, no…

I met my objectives for the weekend (having a plan for moving forward and feeling brave enough to do it, and knowing what to do if the plan wasn’t working), so that is great.

My big aha moment came Saturday morning when we were working through my resistance to asserting myself and how the reason was because I want someone else to take care of things for me because that means they love me, and if I have to take care of things myself then that means nobody loves me.

It’s something I…Anne

I would like u to know that I have come away from this past week with a sense of calm and peace I haven’t had my whole life. Internally I feel transformed. And I trust that the nutrition side of things will follow in good order.

The information u have Imparted to me will be invaluable even if u had to extend me “tough love” here and there:) I feel u embody all the u write about and teach us…u practice what u preach even in some difficult dialogues. Thank u for your patience, wisdom and…Melissa

I am very happy that I made the decision to come here. I have learned many things that will be very beneficial towards my recovery. I am excited about going out into the world and trying it out. I feel very hopeful about the future.

I found your approach Michelle and how you interacted with us to be patient, respectful and kind. I also liked the small group setting and felt very comfortable over the 3 days here. I also appreciated how you responded to my sharing and that of the other…Anonymous

The weekend was so informative and eye-opening. I saw a new way of dealing with myself that will help me deal with years of beating myself up and putting other’s needs ahead of my own. It really isn’t about the food!! That was a big light coming on in the darkness. I look forward to feeling better and better as I put the things I learned this weekend into practice.L
I found the weekend incredibly helpful. I already feel calmer, and like I have freedom from the incessant chatter in my head. Of course I also feel much more hopeful about letting go of coping with food, but it feels like I got so much more out of this weekend that that part of it will be a pleasant side-effect.

I thought you were a great facilitator. You made me feel comfortable and it was great to have you there to push through the difficult parts and go a little deeper. I appreciated…Alisha

Thank you so much for this weekend. It was everything I hoped for and more. I felt safe and supported, and feel I really had some help with the most important issues and stressors in my life right now. You did this with care, compassion and non-judgement.

The things I have learned this weekend have made so many pieces of the puzzle come together for me already. I feel so much more love, understanding, and empathy for myself than before I came.

I feel hope. That I have been taught some…Steffanie

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For 20 years we’ve been providing our clients with a powerful blend of education and counselling that has allowed them to immediately ‘get it’ and truly understand what has been leading them to struggle with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, alcoholism, co-dependent relationships or unsatisfying careers.

In fact, within the first few sessions or the first few hours working with our treatment center for eating disorders, many clients will express with a mix of amazement and frustration: “That’s so obvious! You mean it’s that simple? Why didn’t anyone tell me this before!!?”

And once you understand why you’ve been stuck and doing what you’ve been doing, we teach you a simple, step-by-step approach that quickly lifts the fog of depression, the chronic anxiety and stress around food and creates confidence and peace in each area of your life.

Regardless of what you’ve tried in the past, if you’re still struggling with food or other frustrating and undermining feelings or behaviours, we know that it has nothing to do with your ability to learn or your desire to change and grow. You simply haven’t tried The CEDRIC Method.

If you would like to learn how to feel solid self-confidence in every area of your life, have happy healthy relationships, and stop binging, eating disorders, struggling with weight loss or any form of addiction, once and for all and truly feel peaceful in your life, and comfortable in your own skin, let us teach you a simple way of thinking and approaching food, relationships, career, and the world at large that generates increasing confidence and self-esteem, happiness in all areas of your life. You deserve it and it’s so much easier than you can imagine.